Johnny Townsend (P, Florida) – 64

Townsend is, more than anything else, a skilful punter.  His placement of the ball and his drop are technically very good, which gives him considerable control over where he lands the ball.  27 of his 64 punts last year ended up inside the 20 and only 7 went for touchbacks – indicative of a master of his trade.  He has a very good leg.  It’s not freakish, like Shane Lechler’s, but it’s certainly good enough for him to earn a living on Sundays; he averaged a fraction under 48 yards per punt as a junior and, given that his longest was 62, his consistency is evident.  In fact, he had seven games in which he had a longest punt of at least 59 yards.  His hang time is also impressive and, although it’s not particularly fashionable to draft punters these days, I can definitely see his name being called in 2018.  For punters and kickers, the grading system deviates slightly; the grade reflects their draft worth, rather than their quality per se.  Certainly, though, if I were GM of an NFL team in need of a punter, I would give Townsend a good, long look in rounds 5 or 6.