Kyzir White (S, West Virginia) – 69

The first thing that stands out about White – a JUCO transfer from Lackawanna CC – is his physicality.  He absolutely loves contact and will hit ball carriers with an abandon that goes beyond the merely reckless.  He has the size (6-2, 215) and speed to do so – as a result, he is an absolute force in the run game, where his closing speed is extremely impressive.  He seems to take a block as a personal affront and I love the way he attacks blockers.  He times his blitzes very well and is explosive coming off the edge – see, for example, his sack v Texas in 2016 (Q4, 13:08), where he just traumatizes Shane Buechele.  He is not used as much in coverage as a conventional strong safety would be.  When called upon to cover, he has a tendency to virtually gallop in his back pedal and he looks much more comfortable in zone coverage than in man.  He didn’t record an interception in 2016 and that’s no great surprise, as he’s rarely in a position to contend for one.  His limitations in coverage will, of course, impact his draft stock but an imaginative defensive co-ordinator could certainly use a player like White – perhaps, even, in a nickel-backer role.  If nothing else, he should be an enormous asset on special teams and, if I were a general manager, I would be very happy to see him on the board midway through day three.


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