Jack Cichy (LB, Wisconsin) – 83

What I like most about Cichy is that, the bigger the game, the better he plays.  His most impressive performances on tape have come against USC (where he earned his nickname, ‘Three Sack Jack’), Ohio State and Iowa – that is really encouraging and tells me a lot about his competitiveness.  He is slightly undersized at 6-2, 234lb, but I could see him carrying 245-250lb comfortably at the next level.  Cichy is, by all accounts, a natural leader and he’s certainly a natural playmaker.  He has good instincts and an almost maniacal determination to make a hit.  At the same time, though, his tackling technique is erratic; he often goes very low and, in the NFL, it is easy to imagine RBs, in space, simply jumping over him.  He will occasionally guess, when it comes to run fills, but, more often than not, his instincts are impressively sound.  I’m not convinced of his functional strength when it comes to shedding and stacking, though, and I think this is something he will need to address prior to the combine.  In coverage, he can become somewhat fixated on the QB and allow receivers to slip behind him.  When he keeps his head on a swivel, however, he shows really good range and ball skills – he has the traits to make NFL teams very interested.  He is not a 1st rounder for me – there are too many issues with strength and technique – but, nevertheless, I do really like Cichy as a mid-day 2 prospect.  At the very least, he will be a special teams dervish; equally, though, I can see him developing into a good starting LB at the next level.

UPDATE: Sadly, Cichy will now miss the 2017 season with a torn ACL.