Rashard Fant (CB, Indiana) – 71

Fant is a quick, althletic, play-making CB, who is the current NCAA leader amongst active players in passes broken up.  It is easy to see why on tape; Fant has very good ball skills and has an aggressive mentality, leading him to attack the ball.  This mentality has its drawbacks, however; he is prone to peeking into the backfield and losing phase and he is also susceptible to the double move.  In the second quarter (1:21) of the Duke game, for instance, you can see him bite on the double move, before using his 4:37 speed to compensate and get back to make the play.  He is undersized (5-10, 180) and, as a result, struggles in press-man coverage; he is scrappy and grabby but can get rag-dolled at the line.  I like him better in trail coverage, where he can use his instincts and athleticism more effectively.  He hasn’t played a huge amount of zone at Indiana but I believe he has the traits to do well in a zone heavy defense such as Carolina’s or Cincinnati’s.  Although not the biggest or most physical CB, Fant has found a way to be effective as a one-to-one tackler.  He invariably goes for the ankles of bigger RBs and wraps them up pretty effectively.   Fant’s lack of size and strength will probably preclude him from being chosen on the first two days of the draft but he is a player whom I could certainly see making an NFL roster and, as a result, I can see him being taken early to mid-Day 3,