Gelen Robinson (DL, Purdue) – 50

Gelen Robinson has excellent athletic bloodlines – he is the son of former NBA star Glenn Robinson, who himself excelled at Purdue.  Gelen also has a strong wrestling background, which you can see in how he uses his hands and engages blockers.  In 2016, he played as both an orthodox DE in a 4-3 and also as a five-tech DL.  At 6-1, 280lb, he is a bit of a tweener, without quite enough size to hold up inside or the speed necessary to excel on the edge.  He shows flashes against the run; he is a disciplined and physical defender with sound tackling technique.   He also has a knack for the big play – see his interception return for a TD vs  Eastern Kentucky and what proved to be a game-winning forced fumble in overtime vs Illinois.  I don’t see much pass-rush potential, however; he has very limited repertoire of pass-rush moves and relies on his wrestling skills to throw off blockers.  It doesn’t work with that much regularity in the Big 10 and I can’t see it being any more successful in the NFL.  He lacks an explosive – or even vaguely quick – first step and he is not powerful enough to bull rush NFL defensive linemen.  As such, it is hard to see where he would win in the NFL and, for this reason, I would see him primarily as an undrafted free agent.