Cam Serigne (TE, Wake Forest) – 52

Serigne seems to have been at Wake Forest for about ten years; he has been a consistently productive player in the ACC, particularly as a pass receiver.  He is particularly adept against zone coverage; he finds the soft spots consistently and is a reassuring target for his QB.  He has strong hands, a decent catch radius and flashes the ability to make the contested catch – evident in the 2016 Delaware game (Q3, 5:46).  He can get open in the red zone and his touchdown numbers are good – at the present time (6th September, 2017), he has scored 14 career TDs.  He is not much of a downfield threat, however, and his potential for yards after the catch is pretty limited.  As a pass catcher, Serigne could have a future in the NFL.  As a blocker, however, he is very limited.  He is a bit better on the perimeter but, as an in-line blocker, he tends to lunge and reach and is strikingly lacking in the stability needed to anchor as a TE.  In the run game, his angles are positively bizarre; there are times when you will see him just turn his body round to try and shield players off with his back.  It seldom works.  As a pass blocker, he is shaky – the bowl game v Temple was a good example of his limitations in this area (see for instance Q2, 4:57).  Given his marginal size (6-3, 245) and his frailties as a blocker, I don’t see Serigne as having a high ceiling in the NFL and, accordingly, I have a late round/UDFA grade on him at this stage.


Jaire Alexander (CB, Louisville) – 96

There are a lot of good corners eligible for the 2018 draft but Jaire Alexander is right up there with the very best.  As a cover CB, there are few, if any, better.  The smoothness of his back-pedal, his route recognition and the rapidity with which he closes on a receiver coming out of his break are all superb but what I admire most about Alexander is his ability to locate the ball.  So many CBs flail, grab and face-guard when the ball is in the air; Alexander, when the QB lets it go, possesses the casual sang-froid of a French flaneur choosing between escargots and moules – or, in his case, between a PBU and an interception.  You can see his athleticism with absolute clarity in the return game – crystal, in fact, would be opaque by comparison.  His interception return in the Virginia game (Q4, 14:45), for instance, looks like some divine being is playing Madden with him, whilst off His face on speed.  It might be nice if he were a bit bigger and a bit more physical in the run game but he’s certainly willing to come up and make a tackle.  In any case, given the emphasis on being able to cover in the NFL today, I have no doubt that Alexander’s skill set will be drooled over by GMs, to such an extent that a “GM Napkin Company” might make a fortune when the pros delve into the Louisville CB’s tape.  If he continues to play the way he did last year, I would see him as a Top 10 pick and I’d be surprised and dismayed if he went outside the top 20.