Harold Landry (Edge, Boston College) – 97

I saw enough of Harold Landry’s highlights on ESPN last year to know that he was a disruptive player. When I got into his tape, however, I was even more impressed than I had anticipated. Landry, at 6-2, 250lb, will be an OLB in the NFL and I think he’ll be an outstanding one. He is, of course, an exceptional pass rusher, with a quick first step, the ability to bend the edge and a desire to hurt QBs when he gets there – some of his sacks against North Carolina State, Connecticut and Wake Forest are absolutely bone-shuddering. Against top-tier competition, there was no demonstrable drop-off in productivity; he was a disruptive force against Clemson throughout the game, against a top-tier Division 1 offense. It is rare to see a player single-handedly take over a game the way he did in the 4th quarter against Maryland in 2016 – all told, I think he’s an exceptional player. He is far more physical against the run than I’d anticipated and has the strength to stack and shed blockers and set a physical edge. He may not be an elite athlete but he’s at least a very good one and, to my mind, he’s one of the very best players in the 2018 draft. I see him as a top 15 pick and, personally, I’d take him in the top 10 – Harold Landry is an explosive playmaker, with the skill-set to excel in the NFL.


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