Chase Edmonds (RB, Fordham) – 70

When it comes to FCS prospects, you want to see them dominating their competition and there is no doubt that Edmonds does that.  Watching him run against Patriot League competition is video game stuff; he runs over, around and away from them with ridiculous ease.  I was keen, therefore, to watch Edmonds play against a higher level of competition, so I paid careful attention to the 2016 Navy game.  I came away very impressed.  For a 5-9, 205lb back, he runs with power and determination.  Even though his O-Line was overmatched in that game, you saw a lot of Edmonds’ strengths; he has great vision and fights through first contact.  In space, he has very quick feet – I love watching his jump-cut – and will often make the first defender miss.  He makes the most out of each play and has a sound understanding of the context of a play; on 3rd and 1 he is powerful and direct, whereas on earlier downs, he is a bit more patient in setting up blocks.  He is willing to block in pass protection but there is work to do in that area – he is too upright and would benefit from sinking lower and exploding into the blitzer, in order to prevent himself from being bullied.  He has good hands as a receiver and can certainly help in the passing game.  NFL teams may well be wary of Edmonds’ size and small-school background and he is slightly unlucky, in that there are some bona fide superstars in the 2018 draft class.  Nevertheless, he should definitely get a shot in the NFL and I could certainly see him being drafted on Day 3 – I think he’s a real sleeper in this year’s draft.


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