James Washington (WR, Oklahoma State) – 88

An extremely productive deep-ball threat, Washington had an incredible junior season, catching 71 balls for 1380 yards and 10 TDs, at an eye-watering 19.4 yards per reception.  What stands out for me on tape is his body control – Washington has the ability to contort his body, at full speed, into some almost grotesque shapes, in order to enable him to make the catch.  He is elite in this area – other parts of his game are very good without being outstanding.  His speed is very good but not exceptional – I would expect him to run in the mid 4.4s at the combine – and the same goes for his hands.  He certainly benefited from having Mason Rudolph as his QB but that was probably what they call in Biology 101 a symbiotic relationship; Washington’s ability to snare passes above his head did wonders for Rudolph’s completion percentage as well.  As a blocker he gives pretty good effort.  Not many people will mistake him for Hines Ward in this part of his game but nor is he a liability.  His route tree in the Oklahoma State offense is pretty unsophisticated but he did show some really nice hips when running double moves.  Going into his senior season, I have a borderline 1st/2nd round grade on him – he looks to me like a player with the ability to have a very nice NFL career as a WR2.


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