Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) – 55

Mayfield runs the Oklahoma offense very effectively but the 70% completion percentage is misleading given that a lot of his throws are either behind or within five yards of the line of scrimmage. He operates pretty much exclusively out of the shotgun and will need to adjust to a pro-style offense. He tends to lock on to his initial target and, if that target is not there, he hops around like a squirrel that’s lost a favourite nut. He has quick feet and is a good, if unexceptional, athlete, who can create things when the pocket breaks down – escapability is better than average. He is mechanically flawed – he throws off his back foot a lot and his arm strength is average at best. The interception he threw against Baylor in 2016 with 1:40 left in the 2nd quarter is clear testimony to his lack of physical tools – and, indeed, judgement, given that he lobbed it gently into double coverage. He runs fakes and play actions pretty convincingly and appears to be in complete control of his offense. He throws to covered receivers far too much and is the beneficiary of generally superior talent at Oklahoma. At this point, he looks to me like a late Day 3 prospect at best – potentially an UDFA on my board.


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